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Defeating Beşiktaş 1-0 at home in the 14th week of the Super League, Technical Officer Mustafa Dalcı at MKE Ankaragücü said, “We have to make the final right in the positions we have caught. In this sense, my players were sad but they were incompetent. ”

Speaking at the press conference held after the match, MKE Ankaragücü Technical Officer Mustafa Dalcı said,“ We ​​are very sorry that we did not give a position in the second half of the game and completely dominated the game. I think we do all of the work we do throughout the week in the field. We thought Beşiktaş would play a little more ahead. We knew we would catch positions with fast breaks. It happened like this, but I can say that the change of our two players in the first half due to injury broke our game. Despite this, we played the first half very well. I can say that we started the second half a little badly. I think we especially force the last 25 minutes. There are 8-9 positions in the match, 7 of them are our positions. It is necessary to make the final right in the positions we have caught. In this sense, my players were sad but they were incompetent. We are sorry, but it was a match that I will be sorry for even if we were drawn. Sorry, I congratulate my players for their outstanding struggles. . I do not think we gave a very serious position in the field. On the contrary, we have certain positions that we caught in the first half and the second half. But I don’t know if the rules have changed in goal position? I want to ask if the advantage would be an advantage. Normally there is a hand yes. The referee showed the advantage. He stopped the game again and scored a goal because he did not pass correctly. For this reason, I had a lot of dialogue with the 4th referee in the field. When I asked why he made such a decision, he said the referee’s decision. Referees need to pay attention to what is happening inside the field. I can say that Beşiktaş finished the second half by lying down. You’re looking to stretch, 6 minutes. Already 8-9 players changed. I don’t think they have bad intentions. I do not want anything that I do not have the right to referee. I think they should be fair on the field. We are working day and night to save this team. We are really sorry that these efforts were taken from us in such a simple way ”.


VAR and Halis Özkahya response from Sergen Yalçın


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