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Turkey’s National Olympic Committee (NOC) in Belgium “Brussels European Football Cup” because of the solidarity they showed in the tournament Galatasaray U10 and Fenerbahce U9 teams were rewarded with the honorary degree in Sports Fair Play Behavior branch.

However, Fenerbahce-Başakşehir post-match stage in the social media Twitter accounts over It was noteworthy that the two clubs arguing with each other did not announce the award given to the footage of 10-year-old children who supported each other! The Galatasaray U10 players, who were eliminated in the upper age category of the tournament, supported the Fenerbahce children against FC Zoom with cheers throughout the match. The yellow-red little boys cheered on the players of the Fenerbahçe U9 team after the match and gave morale to the tribune. The images of the sportsmanship of the players of the two teams in the meantime had aroused public repercussions after being published on social media.

Good things are happening in such depressing days. The players gave such morale to the little Fenerbahce players who lost the match.

— Cengiz Ozbek (@mcengizozbek) April 22, 2019

In the comments made on both social media and sports channels, it was emphasized that this behavior of little football players should be taken as an example by their brothers.

During the match, the little ones from Fenerbahce, who went to Galatasaray who cheered “Fener, Fener” at the end of the match, shook hands with their peers with whom they were friends outside the field.

TMOK, who evaluated the fair play award application of journalist Cengiz Özbek, who recorded the images his teams were awarded the diploma of honor.


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