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Besiktas Club, Turkey Football Federation Super League since the 2nd half reacted to a statement from the official website of decision defeats dominated by announcing it would be available.

“We invite you to reconsider this decision,” Besiktas description of he follows;

“Turkey Football Federation, declared through the official website on December 21, 2020 to apply the season’s second half of the statute and the instructions in one of the forfeit defeat the application, to lose the competition in the sports spirit and racing, and we think it is contrary to the win principle.

our Federation Considering the negative effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, the changes in the status and instructions provide some convenience to the clubs, but the fact that a club will be defeated by a minimum of 9 players due to Covid-19, will not fit into conscience and cannot be compensated. will cause spiritual harm.

the Turkey Football We invite the Federation to reconsider this decision they have taken.

Best Regards,

Beşiktaş JK ”


The decision of defeat by the TFF in the Super League …

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