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In the 15th week of the Super League, Trabzonspor lost 2-0 to Galatasaray, which he hosted on the field. Making a statement to beIN Sports after the match, Abdullah Avcı said that they played the game they wanted until the goal and broke off after the second goal.

Stating that they started the game as they wanted, Abdullah Avcı made the following evaluations:

“Galatasaray has the ball in the first 20 minutes. It would pass with that. We studied how to attack when we won the ball. We achieved what we wanted step by step, up to the go. When we started to be a partner in the game and gain the upper hand, we scored a goal.

When the second goal was scored, there were disconnections from the game. We got into position while playing badly. However, we could not give the reaction I expected. Trabzonspor team never admits defeat. Even though we were two zeroes behind, it should have been a more responsive team, with more playing discipline, more producing, getting into position. I do not accept this. This is Trabzonspor… We will try to make up for this as soon as possible. ”

Stressing that players such as Ekuban and Abdülkadir Ömür are important players, Avcı noted that not including these players in the squad reduces their options. We focused only on Trabzonspor winning piece by piece every week, not ranking. So far this has gone right. After that, we will continue where we left off ”.


Summit changed hands in Super League … End of series in Trabzon

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