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In the 64th minute of the Kayserispor-Konyaspor match played in the 14th week of the Super League, the penalty of Aaron Lennon, who received a red card as a result of the second yellow card by the referee Ali Palabıyık, was not canceled.

Medipol Başakşehir football player Rafael saw the red in Fenerbahçe match. also of Kayserispor club the cancellation by PFDK card was not accepted his application for Lennon.

Turkey said in a statement on the official website of the Football Association, “Professional Football Disciplinary Board’s December 26, 2020 date, 34 numbered and Hes Cable Kayserispor application of Clubs In the extraordinary meeting held in line with the meeting, Aaron Justin Lennon’s request for the removal of the second yellow card he saw and the subsequent red card and his criminal practices were examined. Football Discipline Order 86/3. The article contains the provision that the Disciplinary Committees can eliminate the disciplinary practices (yellow card and red card applications) and the consequences of the referee against the players in the field only in case of error in the person, and with this provision, our Board has only the authority to correct the error in the person. 86/2 of the Football Discipline Order. In other cases, arbitrator decisions are binding. Accordingly, it was stated about Hes Kablo Kayserispor Club’s athlete Aaron Justin Lennon, the request was rejected since there was no error in the person regarding the concrete incident.


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