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For Fenerbahçe, who has not yet signed the Banks Consortium agreement and has not been able to structure its debts, the money earned from Vedat Muric with the personal contribution of President Ali Koç is not enough. All extensions, including tribune and publisher revenues, will be lifted. Thus, hot money will be entered into the safe of the club.

Failure to sign the considered 7 + 2 agreement and the continuous increase in interest rates are against all clubs day by day. The increase in interest rates from 12 percent to 20’s started to tie the hands of the clubs that have not yet made a deal.

Yellow-dark blue, broadcast and tribune revenues are prolonged in exchange for 40 million Euros they withdraw from Aktif Bank.

Yellow-dark blue manager The conversion of the “621 million Euro” debt announced by Burhan Karaçam to the council committees into TL, except for an agreement with a single bank, gave yellow-dark blue people a little breath.

With the club converting its foreign currency debt into TL with Aktif Bank, publish for payments and tribune revenues were shown as collateral. The only hot money of the yellow-dark blue people, whose stand income is not due to the pandemic, from the publisher goes directly to Aktif Bank. Thus, there is a problem in the payment of other debts.

The 55 million dollar loan received by Fenerbahçe from Ziraat Bank was not converted into TL.

The yellow-blue management, which can convert the debts received from the other four banks into TL, Ziraat Bank without making an agreement with the Banks Consortium ‘ Cannot configure the credit he received from.

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