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Defeating Beşiktaş 1-0 at home in the 14th week of the Super League, Technical Officer Mustafa Dalcı at MKE Ankaragücü said, “We have to make the final right in the positions we have caught. In this sense, my players were sad but they were incompetent. ”

Speaking at the press conference held after the match, MKE Ankaragücü Technical Officer Mustafa Dalcı said,“ We ​​are very sorry that we did not give a position in the second half of the game and completely dominated the game. I think we do all of the work we do throughout the week in the field. We thought Beşiktaş would play a little more ahead. We knew we would catch positions with fast breaks. It happened like this, but I can say that the change of our two players in the first half due to injury broke our game. Despite this, we played the first half very well. I can say that we started the second half a little badly. I think we especially force the last 25 minutes. There are 8-9 positions in the match, 7 of them are our positions. It is necessary to make the final right in the positions we have caught. In this sense, my players were sad but they were incompetent. We are sorry, but it was a match that I will be sorry for even if we were drawn. Sorry, I congratulate my players for their outstanding struggles. . I do not think we gave a very serious position in the field. On the contrary, we have certain positions that we caught in the first half and the second half. But I don’t know if the rules have changed in goal position? I want to ask if the advantage would be an advantage. Normally there is a hand yes. The referee showed the advantage. He stopped the game again and scored a goal because he did not pass correctly. For this reason, I had a lot of dialogue with the 4th referee in the field. When I asked why he made such a decision, he said the referee’s decision. Referees need to pay attention to what is happening inside the field. I can say that Beşiktaş finished the second half by lying down. You’re looking to stretch, 6 minutes. Already 8-9 players changed. I don’t think they have bad intentions. I do not want anything that I do not have the right to referee. I think they should be fair on the field. We are working day and night to save this team. We are really sorry that these efforts were taken from us in such a simple way ”.


VAR and Halis Özkahya response from Sergen Yalçın


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Beşiktaş, which made 22 points by beating BB Erzurumspor 4-0 in the 13th week of the Super League and reducing the difference between the points with the summit, became the league’s top scorer team. Besiktas, who is the target of criticism arrows, changed its face with the adaptation of new transfers to the team and came to the fore especially with its effectiveness in offensive. Regarding the performance of the team from the beginning of the season, both Coach Sergen Yalçın and Assistant Coach Murat Şahin drew attention to the 5th week and said, “5th. We will pass by the week and it will also be between the national team. We will evaluate this period as the camp at the beginning of the season and go to full cover. ”

5. Black-and-whites, who signaled that their performance will increase with the victory in Denizlispor away week, collected 18 points by winning 6 in the last 8 matches played in the league and rose to 4th place by reducing the point difference between the summit and the summit. Beşiktaş, which lacks one game from leader Alanyaspor, is 4 points behind the summit.

Sergen Yalçın’s team, who scored 22 points in 13 weeks, in which his arch rivals Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe scored 23 points, 1 match is missing from Fenerbahçe. p>


The perfect storm in 12 minutes

Although the season started with Trabzonspor 3-1 victory, Beşiktaş, which was ineffective in the offensive in Antalyaspor, Konyaspor and Gençlerbirliği matches, had only 1 point and scored 2 goals in these 3 matches. Black-and-whites, who recovered in the offensive after the national match, won 6 wins and 2 defeats in 8 league competitions they played, and managed to score in all of these matches.

Black Eagle scored 20 goals in the last 8 league matches and saw 12 goals in his castle. Sergen Yalçın’s team, who has almost come to life in the offensive line, increases his performance in defense day by day. Black-and-whites who closed their goal in the last 2 games did not give too many positions to their opponent against BB Erzurumspor.

In Beşiktaş, the team that scored the most goals by shaking the rival nets 25 times in the remaining 12 league competitions, Cameroonian star Vincent Aboubakar also scored 8 He rose to the top in the goal scorer race with gol. Aboubakar is followed by Diagne, Loic Remy, Adam Büyük and Davidson with 6 goals each. The star striker enjoyed goals in the last 5 games of the black and white team in the league and scored 7 goals in these matches.


The name of the difference is team spirit


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Beşiktaş coach Sergen Yalçın made evaluations after the match they beat Erzurumspor 4-0. Here are the highlights of Sergen Yalçın’s statements:

“We are the team that scored the most goals, but we are also one of the ones to score the most. We throw but we also eat. One side is fine but the other side does not make us happy. It is more pleasing to win without a goal. The beginning of the match was difficult. We played against a team that was very hard on defense. They waited with 11 people. The guys tried to get over him, but it didn’t happen in the first episode. We played idle and away. It wasn’t the game we wanted, but it was in our control. In the second half, I talked to the players inside, about how to be. After finding the goal, the game is fully unlocked. When the opponent takes a risk and comes forward… ”

” It is not easy to play round-trip. We have serial players in the front. There are also players who will make those passes. The second half was what we wanted. I am satisfied with the game in the second half. We mature the game. We rule. Sometimes we wait, sometimes we increase the tempo. Domagoj Vida scored an interesting goal. He scored with his own skill. Vida has those features. It will score such goals. Player of Croatia who played the World Cup final. It’s not the actor to be discussed, but it’s one thing to discuss the actor, another to discuss his performance. If it does not give the performance you expect, every player will be discussed. The name is not played on paper. We are also discussed as coaches. Football has its facts. We have to face it. ”

” We are satisfied with the game played, the score and the position we are in. I wish we celebrate these wins with them even though we have fans. We have been playing without an audience since we took office. No, there is no atmosphere when there is no audience. It would be a completely different game if we played with the fans. It’s hard to manage like this. It is hard for everybody in the pandemic. Why was not expelled? How curious you were about me not being kicked out. I’ve been kicked before. How do you decide that I will be kicked out? We discuss and protest at a level with the fourth referee from the side. I’m not swearing, I’m not insulting, why should I jump? Why are you trying to force it out? You do not know what is on the sidelines, you are talking on TV. Will you be relieved when I jumped, will your head reach the sky? We live in troubled, high tension matches. I can be thrown out too, this is inherent in what we do. You are persistently trying to make a perception on TV. “I will not be kicked out, the scale of my objection will always be respectful.”


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In der 9. Woche der Super League setzte sich Kayserispor gegen Galatasaray mit 1: 1 durch, und Muğdat Çelik, der mit einer doppelten gelben Karte aus dem Spiel war, akzeptierte die an ihn gerichtete Kritik nicht.

Nach dem Kampf sagte Çelik: „Wo esse ich Brot? Ich bin von dort Ich komme gerade aus Kayserispor. In der Position, die ich von Hand hielt, würde der Mann in eine gegenüberliegende Position gehen, ich musste. Wenn es um die Strafentscheidung geht, ist es schwer. Der Mann rannte vor mir her. Ich habe es nicht einmal gesehen. Nur die Spitze meines Fußes berührte sich. Es gibt keinen Druck. Ich habe die rote Karte nicht verdient. “